Elon is such a good promoter, his company SpaceX has become synonymous with Mars colonization. Need proof, search “Mars Colonization” on Google and see the first link that comes up.

Elon Musk is a master promoter. His ability to bring his many endeavors into the limelight is unmatched in the technology industry.

If you analyze his methods, you begin to notice a pattern. It goes as such;

This corporation isn’t like every other corporation that’s simply out to make a profit, no, this corporation is out to save humanity.

Find some existential threat, no matter how remote or how far-fetched, and use it as your company’s call to action.

With SpaceX; humanity is a sitting duck on this floating rock called planet Earth. …

In Computer Science an Operating System acts as a layer between the software and the underlying hardware. It manages the resource that is the hardware and dictates how they’re allocated to the different applications.

It also acts as an interface between applications and various hardware drivers. Providing a mechanism for those applications to communicate with the various drivers.

Global civilization is a complex system analogous to a computer. If so, then Capitalism (at this point in time) is the OS of human civilization.

The principles and rules of Capitalism dictate the allocation of various resources from human capital to natural…


Software Engineer with a passion for Futurism & Economics.

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